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Why Choose Us

Choosing the right property management company is instrumental to the maintenance and the subsequent value of your investment(s).

When assessing the authenticity of a business and its processes, independent corporations and public organisations alike recommend that employing a management company that is a member of a recognised organisation or governing body is critical.

As one of Bromley's leading property management companies, Regency Estate Management is proud to endorse its strong, long-lasting membership with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), and association with The Property Ombudsman (TPO) and Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

"Our staff members are all highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to effectuating the values of the company."

Regency Estate Management is also one of just a handful of property management companies in the UK that has active graduate programmes.

As a result, we are delighted to say that over 95% of all queries or issues are remedied within a period of 7 days; made possible by the prime location of our main offices. Based in Bromley, Kent, we are typically able to attend to all of our sites within a period of one hour.

The standards that we uphold provide our clients with peace of mind that all matters, including the management of the building and accounts handling, are stringently reviewed and overseen on a regular basis to ensure transparency and value for money is maintained.

At Regency we will act on your behalf to reduce your property's running costs whilst improving the service levels provided. At Regency, we promise:

  • To agree in writing the fee structure and the categories of other services for which additional services may be charged;

  • To manage the client's property in compliance with all the current applicable legislation, terms of leases, contract documentation, and good business practice;

  • To provide as cost-effective a service as possible within the constraints of prudent and planned maintenance, and to ensure that all final work is checked and signed off before funds are released;


  • To arrange a suitable building insurance policy in accordance with the lease and our clients’ requirements;


  • To keep detailed records of all transactions relating to the client's property with all expenditure made from the client's account suitably authorised;


  • To ensure that the client's money is kept in a separate, easily identifiable bank account and regularly accounted for;


  • To maintain a current insurance policy adequately indemnifying against proven professional negligence claims;


  • To actively and regularly consult with our clients and to encourage them to become part of the decision-making process;


  • To prepare fully reconciled accounts in order to significantly reduce the accountancy costs of the management company;


  • To discuss and consult with our clients where major works are contemplated;


  • To place the fullest emphasis on any matter relating to health and safety and environmental legislation, bringing to the urgent attention of landlords and/or residents any areas of concern; and


  • To use all reasonable efforts both in the interests of landlords and tenants, to settle disputes by mediating and negotiating with all relevant parties.

If you would like to make an enquiry about our block management services, please complete our Contact Details Form to schedule a meeting and allow us to show you how we can make a difference.

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